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Margaret Harding is a middle aged engineering manager with time on her hands. Up until recently she was employed full time spending most of her waking hours just trying to get her job done. She thought about how she could be more green. – in BOTH senses of the word.

She was born in Iowa and raised in the small towns in the northern part of the state. She remembers her mom drying the laundry outside in the sun and the breezes that are a daily part of summer life there. In fact, that part of the world has become a wind energy mecca because of those constant winds. BUT, as she grew up and moved out on my own, got a career and a family, these money and energy saving ideas took too much time and effort.

She wanted to spend her precious free time with her family doing something FUN, not hanging laundry out and raising chickens and all of those “green hippies” did. Maybe that was fun to some, but she’s a geek and proud of it. BUT, she was frustrated because she KNEW deep down in her engineering heart, there were some simple things that she could do, with the right equipment to save money AND to save resources.

In the early 90’s while living in Morgan Hill, CA, during some terrible drought years. She actually used a trashcan and a garden hose to divert the gray water from the washing machine to water for her precious roses. Add a little iron amendment to the soil and it work GREAT! BUT it requires close watching and a washing machine located where this is practical (the garage worked nicely.)

This blog is about finding those practical solutions – either already available via web or local merchants. OR showing you how to build them cheaply and easily, so that YOU can go practically green and still enjoy the REST of your life.

We’re going to explore all aspects of life in a normal household (OK, not ALL aspects), that each of us can change simply and easily to save money, energy, and precious resources of this planet – since it’s the only one we’ve got at the moment!


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